#002 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel [with Curtis Rainsberry]

On this episode of Highbrow Reviews, we welcome our first ever guest to the show, UCB funnyman and our friend, Curtis Rainsberry, who wants us to get high and review a TV show he really likes: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

But, as always, before Chris, Claire, and Max can review something, they need to get the little funny buzzies. To do that, they smoke some weed and play a game called Google Ganja. The premise is simple: someone suggests the beginning of a Google search and then they all guess what the top Google searches are going to be.

During the game, Chris wonders how old Yeller was, and Claire thinks people are always asking questions about Bibles. She has a point. Also, a psychic once told Claire’s boyfriend that his soul was so old that this was definitely his last time on Earth. This is a lot to take in.

After the rousing game concludes, we introduce our guest, Curtis Rainsberry. Max can’t get the name of the show right to save his life. Chris says that Amazon is like “The Whole Foods of the internet,” which Claire confirms because Whole Foods is literally owned by Amazon.

Because he’s weed-high, Chris suddenly remembers a random story from years ago, where he fell asleep watching MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, only to dream about the show exactly as it played, and then he knew everything that was talked about the next time he saw that episode replayed. It was very random, and very pointless. But hey, we’re high and this is what this podcast is all about.

Chris and Max are obsessed with the show’s reference to pube-bleaching. Claire, however, “didn’t find that notable.” Her loss. Everyone on the podcast loved the little boy train conductor played by Alex Borstein.

Max thinks the references to the ‘60s were very over-the-top, but Chris reminds us that it’s just a period piece. Soon, everybody admits whether they’ve seen a fox in real life. Has Claire? Hint: No. Claire shows off her Gilbert Gottfried impression. The rest of the crew probably forgets they’re doing a podcast and must assume we’re on the set of the Problem Child movie.

Claire has some very valid issues with the show and the team comes up with some good suggestions to fix them. Will the Golden Globe, Emmy, and Peabody Award-winning TV show accept our notes? Find out next season I guess.

What did everyone think about the show? Is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel a good show to watch while stoned out of your silly minds? Listen to the full episode of the podcast to get all those pressing answers and a whole lot more!

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