#003 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds video game [w/ Cris Mertens]

On this episode of Highbrow Reviews, we enlist video game aficionado Cris Mertens to show us PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)! As a special treat, hear us experience the game in real-time as we attempt (and fail) to stay alive. Plus, a game called Weed Association…and a whole lot more!

On the drive over to play the game at Cris’ place, we quickly learn that none of us know much about this video game… or video games in general, except for Max who must make it absolutely clear that he has some, albeit limited, gaming cred. Unfortunately for us, we’ll be playing this game for the first time with a bunch of strangers online and the likelihood that any of us will be good is slim to none.

Upon arrival, we meet Cris’ puppy, Penny. She’s a wiener dog with a small body but a large bladder that she graciously unloads on Max. Cris has got a great setup with multiple monitors and surround sound but no snacks. Hunger will have to wait though, because the game is about to begin. Cris shows us the ropes along with his friend Josh who will be playing alongside each of us as we take turn at the keyboard.
Claire goes first. Does she like this kind of battle royale, war game played with random people on the internet? No. Is she any good at it? Probably not. Chris follows next and his mind is in the closet. He spends most of his time styling his character to perfection but will the purple vest and new haircut save him in the end? Max finishes us out with some truly heroic maneuvers but is his outstanding cred enough to crown him winner, winner, chicken dinner? Listen to find out.
After playing our hearts out, we return to the studio with Cris to learn more about PUBG and review our experience. As we suspected, Cris has all the information is kind of a pro player himself. I wouldn’t say we feel bad about ourselves in comparison, but there is a clear divide in skill. Anyway! No one is bitter…
Just as we’re wrapping up the show, Cris reveals that being a guest has been a long-con game of his own to bust us for getting high. Is this where the podcast ends? Only three glorious episodes before we’re all carted off to jail while Mayor Eric Garcetti awards Cris the keys to the city for his unprecedented undercover performance? No, of course not. If you fell for that, then you’re probably high because don’t forget, in California, weed is legal.