#008 Overcooked on Nintendo Switch!

Hot off the grill, Highbrow Reviews is back this week to review the smash hit video game, Overcooked on Nintendo Switch!

Join us this episode for an unrelated deep dive into the world of chickens, eggs and which came first: balut, the developing embryo delicacy or Baloo, the beloved Jungle Book bear? For the birds out there listening, we’re sorry to report that you’re not our desired audience. But for the humans out there, continue on because this show is for you!
Claire has just returned from Japan and she tells us a little about her trip which involves bowing at the wrong time and enjoying the local cuisine that Max pretends to know all about. The three of us completely forget to play a game to see if we’re high enough, which I think answers the question and we go straight into the experience.
I feel like it’s fair to say that Chris and Max have played Overcooked a few times before recording this episode, so they’ve got a handle on the kitchen. Claire, however, is still learning the ropes. We quickly learn that Max naturally takes on the role of head chef. After every round, he is rearranging stations and delivering “pep talks” and “constructive criticism.” We chop the onions, we get the orders out, we’re bringing in tips and pretty soon, we’ve got the rhythm down. Just when we’ve graduated to a high-functioning kitchen, Chris turns off the console and reminds us we have an episode to record.
Reluctantly, back in the studio, we break it down for you. This is kind of a short episode and I know it’s because we hurried through our review just so we could get back to playing. But! The takeaway for the game, and life in general is, “if your kitchen is moving efficiently, a pot should never be burning.” Unless it’s pot, like weed pot, in which case, it should always be burning.
If you’ve ever wanted to visit Pasadena, California, just play Overcooked, it’s basically the same thing. Currently available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.