#010 The Christmas Chronicles

Just in time for the holidays, we bring the chronic to Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles! And right out the gate, we have questions. Up top, the title is confusing seeing as it’s only one story (hopefully) rather than a series. Or does the word chronicles refer to the cut together found footage of the Pierce family’s Christmas mornings? But we’ll get to that later.
In the meantime, we discuss the lofty SoCal price for a Christmas tree and whether or not the tip counts in the overall height. We’ll be honest, Max is Jewish, so for him, the tip is a sensitive issue, or less sensitive…? It’s up for debate. Either way, when it comes to your tree, size does matter.
Along the way, we share our different Christmas traditions. Chris divulges a really personal one that blows everyone away: he, and everyone in his family, open one gift on Christmas Eve. Oh wait, that’s something we all do. Hold on though, he has another tradition that’s sure to be unique to him! Listen to find out if it’s a Christmas morning ritual you just simply cannot relate to.
The game we play this week is… actually I guess we were high enough already.
Onto the review. We break down the movie for you so there are spoilers galore. But I don’t want to spoil our show by telling you everything because honestly, it’s more entertaining than the movie. Tune in to find out the story of Kitty Kat, Teddy Bear and a testy Kurt Russell.