#011 ASMR videos on YouTube

Things get weird this week as Chris, Max, and Claire get high and review ASMR videos on Youtube. Listen along and experience ASMR along with your giggly hosts!

On this episode of Highbrow Reviews we spend a lot of time-solving the world’s most outstanding dilemmas. How to confirm you like a soft drink flavor before buying the twelve pack. How to take full advantage of the Trader Joe’s sample policy. How to cook meat with just a blanket hot out of the dryer. And finally, we answer the question everyone has been asking, will pink in your chicken cause you to lose it at both ends?

Our game this week is called “One Word Impressions” where we each throw out a one-word impression of “some celebrity.” Quickly though, it becomes clear that we can only do different impressions of the same, one celebrity, Gilbert Gottfried. Oh, wait, except for Max who has a great go-to impression that everybody knows. Just listen, I’m sure you’ll get it right away!
At twelve minutes and twenty-two seconds Chris taunts you listeners with the promise of a cutaway, that honestly, we don’t have. This goes on for several minutes and it’s become the will they, won’t they of 2019 that everyone’s talking about.
Eventually, we do make it to the review of ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is an involuntary tingling sensation brought about by certain sounds like whispers and clicks. We watch a few different ASMR videos on YouTube to test whether or not we experience it. After a thorough sampling of combs on windscreens, brushes on shower caps, dry mouths smacking and pickles crunching, we conclude whether any of us experience the phenomenon. I won’t give you the answer but I will tell you this, there is one sound that we all can agree we like, and it’s the sound of the ocean.
Also, we try our hand at ASMR, so listeners, write in and tell us if we got you tingling!