#013 Pokemon: Let’s Go!

This week, we’re catching them all! Listen as we toss berries, throw defense moves and do our best to build up our brigade in Pokemon, Let’s Go!  But first, we explore the complications of saying our names at Starbucks, Burger King or even a CVS. What personal identifying information will we give away for the sake of the joke?

As our listeners, we would love if you shared your opinion on which game title you like better: Pokémon Go or Pokémon Let’s Go? Yes, we realize they are two separate, totally different games BUT still. Because for us, it’s all in the name. And speaking of, this week we play the game Dank Dilemma, or should we call it Dank Dingle? Weigh in on that too. In this game we have to decide between two equally difficult decisions, like, would we miss paper books or Google more?
If after listening to this episode you are convinced this is the high game for you, Pokémon: Let’s Go now available to purchase for Nintendo Switch.