#014 Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

This week, we’re crawling with excitement for our review of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Into the Spide-Verse! But first, we discuss the merits of our own Spidey Sense as Chris regales us with what he has learned from the first two chapters of The Untethered Soul. This episode we bring back everyone’s favorite game, Google Ganja which brings up all sorts of hot topics from zodiac signs, to the movie Babe (our favorite reference) and Sigmund & Freud… or is it Sigmund & Roy, or maybe, Siegfried & Roy?

Of course, we talk about the movie we’re here to talk about. But we also unpack how everyone feels about other animated favorites like Up, Toy Story, The Polar Express and Gollum from LOTR baby. By the end of this episode, I think we’ll have you convinced that you should get blazed and go see this movie while it’s still in theaters!