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#061 Pretend It’s a City (on Netflix)

This week Claire and Chris talk about getting high on melted edibles while on vacation and then pretending to date each other to get special perks. Plus, we’re hearing a bunch of weird city names and coming up with some of our own. And then we’re reviewing Martin Scorsese’s Netflix series on humorist and national … Continue reading #061 Pretend It’s a City (on Netflix)

#024 The Case Against Adnan Syed on HBO

We’re back to true crime and this time, we’re in Baltimore with the fascinating HBO Docu-series, The Case Against Adnan Syed. Play detective as we pretend to play detective! Remember Serial? The true crime podcast phenomenon from a few years ago? Well, this is like Serial, but with MOVING PICTURES! Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram … Continue reading #024 The Case Against Adnan Syed on HBO