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#035 Reviewing Virtual Reality (VR) while high [w/Daniel Baxter]

This week we escape reality and dive head first into the virtual world of PlayStation VR! And to guide us on our HBVR journey, we welcome our special guest, Baxter! But you can call him Daniel. Or Daniel Baxter. Or Baxter, Baxter, Baxter. Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram @highbrowreviews Email us!  

#029 Beyonce’s HOMECOMING on Netflix

This week, we review QUEEN BEY!!! (although, to be honest, she needs no reviewing) Listen as we get the full Coachella experience with Beyoncé’s Homecoming concert documentary on Netflix! Oh! And as promised, here’s a picture of Max’s wife in her pajamas, lifting weights while marching in place and watching Homecoming. Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram … Continue reading #029 Beyonce’s HOMECOMING on Netflix

#024 The Case Against Adnan Syed on HBO

We’re back to true crime and this time, we’re in Baltimore with the fascinating HBO Docu-series, The Case Against Adnan Syed. Play detective as we pretend to play detective! Remember Serial? The true crime podcast phenomenon from a few years ago? Well, this is like Serial, but with MOVING PICTURES! Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram … Continue reading #024 The Case Against Adnan Syed on HBO

#021 Captain Marvel!

  We’re back with another SUPER review! This time, we’re soaring into the box office megahit, Captain Marvel! After we gave Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse some serious high marks last month, will this next Marvel installment live up?? Only time (this episode) will tell. Oh! And check these terrifying troll pics from Claire’s Norwegian romp! … Continue reading #021 Captain Marvel!