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#073 Plan B on Hulu (no spoilers, but plenty of dick)

Hey bloomers, we got a fun spoiler-free romp of a show today reviewing the new Hulu movie Plan B! We’re talking the right way to hold hands, the history of Prince Albert (both the man & the penis piercing), and Claire’s disgust at Moses Storm’s dick. Plus, Chris learns that his dead nana may have … Continue reading #073 Plan B on Hulu (no spoilers, but plenty of dick)

#072 Chopped 420!

Hey snickerdoodles, this week we’re reviewing the new cooking competition show that’s as high as we are—Chopped 420 on Discovery+. The show’s formula is simple: Weed + food + Ron Funches = we loved it! Plus, a surprise review of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Houseplant indica strain! But before anything can happen, Chris and … Continue reading #072 Chopped 420!