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#061 Pretend It’s a City (on Netflix)

This week Claire and Chris talk about getting high on melted edibles while on vacation and then pretending to date each other to get special perks. Plus, we’re hearing a bunch of weird city names and coming up with some of our own. And then we’re reviewing Martin Scorsese’s Netflix series on humorist and national … Continue reading #061 Pretend It’s a City (on Netflix)

#060 Bridgerton

Hey our favorite buds— This week we’re jumping into one of the most talked about shows on TV today… say it with me… No, not Marriage or Mortgage (though that’s not a bad idea). It’s Bridgerton! Be sure to subscribe, rate, review, blah bladdy blah blah but mainly just let the laughs take you away … Continue reading #060 Bridgerton

#057 CHEER on Netflix (w/ comedian Curtis Rainsberry)

Today we’re joined by UCB comedian Curtis Rainsberry (Key&Peele, Tosh.0, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Attack of the Show) as we get super high and then watch the hit new Netflix show CHEER… not the hit ’80s sitcom CHEERS. Very different show, yet just one letter off. Something to ponder today. Enjoy! Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram … Continue reading #057 CHEER on Netflix (w/ comedian Curtis Rainsberry)

#051 Magic tricks

This week, Max shows off his magic skills with some card tricks while Claire and Chris figure out if it’s fun to watch magic after taking edibles. Another 4 minute, 20 second microdose for your commute to the mailbox. Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram @highbrowreviews Email us!

#050 The hit YouTube show Hot Ones!

This week, we get nice and high (this keeps happening on our show) and then review the really fun YouTube show Hot Ones! I’d tell you all about it here, but please just listen to the show instead. It’d be easier on both of us. Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram @highbrowreviews Email us!

#047 The Exorcist (1973)

Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating the scariest holiday we have (shout-out to Columbus Day for the close second) with a very high review of the cinematic horror classic The Exorcist (1973). What were we thinking? Find out the exact answer to that question on this episode of Highbrow Reviews! Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram @highbrowreviews Email … Continue reading #047 The Exorcist (1973)

#046 Flavor tripping with miracle fruit

As if being high wasn’t enough, we eat some miracle fruit—those tablets that make sour things taste sweet…and then we straight up eat lemons and limes, while high. It’s a wild ride, so find out what happens in a rare demo episode of HBR!   Follow us! Twitter @highbrowreviews Instagram @highbrowreviews Email us!